Located at the Youth Training Center at 250 Thomas Drive, Virden MB.
This facility features a indoor shooting range, Club room as well as a large activity room.

Rules and Regulations for the indoor Range.

Muzzle of the firearm must be pointed in a safe direction at all times.

A Range Officer must be designated when there are multiple shooters on the range.

Guests and non-members must accompanied and supervised by a member in good standing.(a member may invite a guest no more than 3 times before that individual is expected to pay for his or her own membership.)

Long arms will be carried unloaded, cased and/or slung (barrel in a safe direction) when not in use. Actions will be open and where applicable, magazines removed.

Handguns will be carried unloaded, cased or holstered when not in use. Revolvers will have hammer down, semi-automatics will have slide forward, hammer down (where applicable) and magazine removed. no shoulder, cross draw or small of back holsters allowed .

No Firearm is to be loaded without the Range Officer's approval.

The shooters finger shall not be within the trigger guard unless the muzzle is pointing at the target area.

No firearm is to leave the firing point before being cleared by a Range Officer. do not bring any loaded or jammed guns into the lobby

targets must be mounted below the designated line... No exception

do not put live ammunition in brass pail or garbage cans

all firearms must be in a case/container when transported onto and off the premises.

eye and ear protection on the range at all times

Firearms left at the firing point must be unloaded (magazines out, top cover open where applicable) and actions open.

No one is to go forward to the targets before a Range Officer has cleared all the firearms on the line and the range has been given all clear. While forward, no one on the line will handle any firearm.

Junior members can only use firearms under the direct supervision of a club approved adult or a range Officer unless approved by the Chief Range Officer or a Range Officer for independent shooting.

No person will be allowed on the range who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Members are expected to leave the range in a tidy and clean state.

No shooting without the Red light in operation. It is the responsibility of the first person on the range to activate and the last person on the range to de-activate the warning system.

Caliber Limitations
Firearms are limited to rimfire and Pistol Calibers with a maximum velocity of 2200 Ft./sec and/or a maximum energy of 2200 ft. lbs. ABSOLUTLY NO CENTERFIRE RIFLE CARTRIDGES PERMITED

The Club reserves the right to prohibit any cartridge, bullet or projectile which could be detrimental to the backstop, If you are not certain about your ammunition please contact a club director

Prohibitied Cartridges:
Any Center fire rifle caliber
.460 S&W
.500 S&W
50 AE
.45-70 Gov’t
.17 HMR

Anyone found damaging club property is subject to having their membership revoked without refund and may face civil/criminal prosecution bullets contacting walls, baffles or celling will be considered damage to the facility